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Residence Choice Adult Family Home is a 24 hour care facility which provides quality care, home cooked meals and enjoyable activities for the elderly in our community in a pleasant home like atmosphere.

This peaceful beautiful home is located in a quite cul-de-sac residential area close to shopping, entertainment and local attractions in Shoreline WA.

Residence Choice Adult Family Home is where the needs of the residents comes first.

Levels of Care Provided

Level I - Independent Living: This is the TRUE independence level. The Resident simply needs a place to live, laundry and room cleaning with meal service. There is very little that we need to provide for the Resident other than these three services.
Level II - Attended Independence: Residents who are ambulatory, continent and oriented to date and place, simply needs a minimal level of assistance. He/or she are fairly independent and have no significant medical problems, just need some assistance with medication reminders, nutrition, hygiene, and activities of daily living. Services include the basic services plus medication management oversight, monitoring for general health and well-being, monthly blood pressure monitoring, weight and nutritional assessment. Occasional light lifting or personal assistance may be needed.

Level III - Helpful Assistance: Residents with moderate medical problems who are able to perform some self-care but may require reminding and general assistance. This client may have some memory and/or orientation loss and require assistance with dressing and grooming tasks. Services include bi-weekly assistance with bathing, supervision of hygiene and grooming, nutritional intake and some occasional incontinence management. This Resident might need a two person assist on occasion or occasional redirecting.

Level IV - (A) Extended and (B) Intensive Assistance:

(A) Extended Care: Residents with incontinence of both bowel and bladder, more assistance is needed in medication management, eating, bathing, toileting, dressing and transferring and more advanced dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

(B) Intensive Care: Includes care for catheterization, dressing changes, diabetes and other care needs requiring the services of a Registered Nurse and other heavy care needs such as being bedridden, lifting (one or two person lifting or Hoyer lift required), or total non-ambulatory or advanced Alzheimer's disease which requires more staff time.

Level V - Hospice Care: Death with Dignity: Residents who are facing a life-threatening illness without a cure are included in this category. Hospice provides for the special care needs of the dying with emphasis on pain management to allow the Resident to live each day to the fullest.